The Young Advocates is a leadership program for young adults ages 18-25 who are interested in public health advocacy. Young Advocates gain meaningful experience preventing binge and underage drinking and other alcohol-related harms. They promote health-affirming strategies and neighborhood vitality by assisting with regional projects. Young Advocates also push forth public health advocacy efforts through policy research and strategy development. Their work consistently addresses and influences best practices by alcohol retailers, social environments, and social norms surrounding alcohol. IPS welcomes Young Advocates with diverse backgrounds and experiences, such as those with lived experiences related to alcohol harms and those from different cultural backgrounds and skill sets. Those with public health policy experience, social media and public health messaging, and who are fluent in additional languages beyond English are encouraged to apply.

Interested in joining the Young Advocates? We are actively reviewing applications. Please click the links below to review our position descriptions for our internship program. Then please email your resume and a cover letter to

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